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We participate in the IdentAlloy and IdentCeram system to ensure that both you and your patients know exactly what materials are being used in their restorations and where the materials come from. 

The IdentAlloy and IdentCeram Certificates identify the company, brand name and composition of alloy, and includes a recognizable symbol for proper insurance coding.

The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council was created to help raise the standards of health care by providing documentation of certified materials. To earn a place in the program, member manufacturers voluntarily conform, to guidelines and provide content information that confirms their compliance material specifications.

For more information on IdentAlloy click here.

Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • Long, proven clinical history
  • Ideal for long span bridges
  • Available with porcelain margins
  • Can be fused to a variety of metals
  • 5 year warranty
  • Ideal for single units, bridges, and implant restorations
Full Cast
  • Ideal when high strength is required
  • Outstanding biocompatibility
  • 5 year warranty
  • Single units, bridges, inlay/onlay
  • Minimal wear on opposing dentition
  • High Noble, Noble Metals


  • Uses the most advanced CAD/CAM technology
  • Excellent esthetics
  • Superior strength for both single units and bridges 
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Up to 1200 MPa flexural strength


  • Eliminates imperfections and voids
  • Long lasting, stain resistant restoration
  • Natural, youthful florescence
  • Fibrekor/Sculpture Plus system
  • Ideal for single unit restorations

 All Ceramic:

IPS e.max press

  • Glass ceramic consisting of lithium disilicate
  • High flexural strength throughout entire restoration
  • Ideal for single units, veneers, ultra thin veneers, inlay/onlay, implant restorations, and anterior three unit bridgework up to the second premolar
  • Excellent wear against opposing dentition
  • Beautiful Esthetics
  • Outstanding Value

IPS empress press

  • Light scattering leucite-based ceramic
  • Excellent esthetics
  • 15 year clinical history
  • Ideal for single units, veneers, and inlay/onlay

Implant Restorations

  • Customized Implant Designed
  • 100% individualized, patient centered design process
  • Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech, 3i, and all other quality implant part manufacturers supported
  • Custom screw retained provisionals
  • Please call us to speak to an experienced implant dental specialist

Diagnostic Wax-up

  • A diagnostic wax-up is number one way to increase patient acceptance of treatment plans
  • We create beautiful wax models of proposed restorations that can be shown to the patient
  • The final in-mouth restorations will be an exact representation of the wax-up
  • Our dental technicians will work with your office to ensure that your patient expectations are met
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