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Alliance Dental Studio was founded in 2001 by Craig Brown in Scottsdale, Arizona.  After running a highly successful dental lab in Colorado, Craig was able to use his highly skilled ceramist techniques to start his own lab in Arizona.  Here in Scottsdale, Craig enjoys providing his highly aesthetic services to a diverse and dynamic patient population.  His personal focus of function aesthetics permeates through every step a case journeys through his lab.  From model work to polish, each case is designed to not only enhance the beauty of each patient smile, but to ensure the dental health of the patient, as well. 

Craig understands that excellence in a dental lab comes from the strength of each employee.  At Alliance Dental Studio, our employees enjoy a fun workplace and continuing education.  From model work to invoicing, each employee takes pride in delivering a perfect Alliance Dental smile.

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Meet our dedicated staff

Craig Brown

Craig has over 35 years experience as a dental technician.  He loves the challenge and rewards of improving another person's smile.  When he is not busy at the lab, he enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Jean Salch

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Tom Sommerlot

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Tiffany Kashima-Brown

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